Bow Bundle Policy & Refund Policy

  1. We do not offer refunds on Bow Bundles that have already been charged or shipped.  You MUST cancel your subscription before the renewal date. We will not refund your order after it has renewed. Please cancel before your date. 
  2. Prepaid monthly subscriptions cannot be refunded. Each remaining month will be shipped without refund or exchange. 
  3. To change, swap, pause and cancel your Monthly Bow Bundle subscription, simply log in to your account and make any changes to your account.  If you need a log in for your account simply, email us at and we will send your link over.
  4. Any changes to your account (email, address, style of bow) MUST be made before your account charges for the month.  If the account has already been charged for the month the changes will not go into effect until the following month.  If you have already been charged, simply email us and we can manually make the changes to your account for that month. 
  5. Any product changes to your account ie; switching from headbands to piggie sets will change the price of your subscription to what is currently shown as the selling price.